About Us

BizLibrary is a leading provider of online employee training and elearning solutions.

Founded in 1996 by Dean Pichee, a successful entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the training industry, we’ve grown to serve hundreds of thousands of employees, in thousands of organizations throughout the United States.

Our Vision:

To enhance our clients’ business performance by improving the way their employees learn.

Our Mission:

  • Drive the success of clients through partnership and strategy

  • Provide high-quality, impactful training content

  • Deliver technology that is innovative, powerful and easy to use

  • Develop employees that are smart, driven, curious and caring

Our Values

Build Successful Partnerships that Last

We form partnerships every single day. Employees, Customers, Vendors. Each of them are investing in what we do at BizLibrary. We value these relationships and expect to maintain lasting partnerships for years to come.

Freedom to Fail

If you want to do something no one has ever done before, you must take a risk. We value individuals stepping out of their comfort zone and pushing to innovate.

Enjoy the Journey

Where we work and what we do for a living is such a large part of our lives, we owe it to ourselves to enjoy what we do. At BizLibrary, we encourage an open, approachable, and fun environment, where employees can enjoy coming to work every day.

Giving Back

We’re fortunate to have the opportunities we have, and it’s our responsibility to pay it forward. Whether it’s giving money, time, or energy, just 1% goes a long way towards helping the communities where we live and work.

Passion to be the Best

We value those who want to be the best, in whatever they do. We’re passionate in our pursuit of excellence, by dedicating our energy to improving everything we touch.

Respect Others

Diversity of opinion and background is an integral part of our success. Wouldn’t every company, and the world for that matter, be a better place if we all just respected one another?

Smarter Every Day

Learning is at the core of what we stand for at BizLibrary. We strive to learn something new, and improve, every single day.

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