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Microsoft 365: OneDrive - Share Files
Welcome to the Microsoft Office 365 - OneDrive video lessons! One of the biggest advantages of uploading files into OneDrive is the way you share files with others.
What's New in Excel 2019: Charts and Images
In this lesson we look at Excel 2019's great new image features, including Funnel and Map Charts and the ability to import scalable SVG images and 3D models.
dummies®: Arranging Your Google Presentation
Your presentation has the right flow when you place the slides in the right order. This video shows you how to move, duplicate, and delete slides until you have your slides in the right order. This video lesson is part of the "dummies® Performance Support" series.
Microsoft Office 365 - Word Online: Create a New Document
Welcome to the Microsoft Office 365 - Word Online video lessons. This video lesson covers the following: (Create a New Document, Templates, Recent Files, Add Text, Tables, Change Layout, Save a Online Document, Filename, Share, End Editing.)
Skype for Business: Skype Meeting Options
Managing your Skype meeting options will really help prevent you from running into surprises -- for example, someone else taking over the presentation if you don’t want them to.
dummies®: Sharing Access and Collaborating in Google Drive
One of the main benefits of Google Drive is the ability to share files with others. This video explains the collaboration features and how to share files successfully with your colleagues. This video lesson is part of the "dummies® Performance Support" series.

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