BizLibrary for Distributed Workforces

Centralize and Simplify Training with Modern Learning Content and Technology

Many organizations today have at least a partially distributed workforce, meaning they could have remote or virtual employees, geographically dispersed teams working from multiple locations, or both!

Training a distributed workforce can pose many challenges, namely the time and costs involved with providing consistent training that’s tracked efficiently.

However, there is a simple answer to overcoming these challenges! An online content library and learning management system allows you to provide consistent, continuous learning that’s easy to track and manage.

One of the challenges QS/1 had with their distributed workforce was making tight deadlines for HIPAA training – after implementing BizLibrary’s online solutions, they not only reached their compliance goals, but they saw employees take ownership of their training and engage with online content on their own! Hear how others also solved issues with consistent training by switching to BizLibrary’s online platform:

Streamline the Way You Deliver Training Across Locations

Online learning limits the need for trainers to travel to multiple locations, it keeps training consistent, and most importantly, it becomes incredibly easy to assign and track.

This turns the job of managing and delivering training across locations from a costly and time-consuming effort into a simple process done within a few clicks!

Engage Employees in Continuous Learning

Many BizLibrary clients have a virtual or distributed workforce, and our online content library and LMS help them overcome training challenges by:

  • Giving employees a vast library of microlearning content that covers everything from compliance and safety to soft skills
  • Simplifying training administration with an easy-to-use interface and thorough reporting
  • Including built-in training reinforcement features like quizzes and booster questions that ensure employees retain what they’ve learned

See How Our Solutions Can Work for You

Are you ready to streamline your training process and see employees get excited about learning?

BizLibrary has helped so many organizations with training a distributed workforce more efficiently and effectively, and our customizable solutions can help you tackle many other challenges as well.

When you request a demo with us, you’ll learn how our content and technology can help you align training with business goals, making learning a priority for your entire workforce!

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