BizLibrary for Compliance

Engaging Compliance Training Content with an Easy-to-Use Online Platform

Keeping up with safety and compliance requirements allows a business the freedom to operate – uncompliant organizations can face severe penalties and even risk shut down.

With hundreds of regulatory compliance laws affecting every industry, keeping employees compliant is an ongoing challenge that can be hard to solve.

For instance, in the hospitality industry, employees are required to train on everything from bloodborne pathogens to human trafficking, and audits are frequent. See how Red Roof Inn found a solution to their cumbersome compliance processes when they switched to BizLibrary’s online training content and technology:

BizLibrary’s award-winning, online content library contains high-quality training videos covering every safety and compliance issue from state-specific anti-harassment to warehouse safety – and everything in between.

BizLibrary’s technology means that tracking safety and compliance training has never been easier – the administrator dashboard shows you who has yet to complete their training, and the thorough recordkeeping means that when you’re audited or need to prove your organization provides adequate training, you’re only a few clicks away!

Anti-Harassment Compliance

States like California and New York are ramping up harassment prevention, requiring managers to take extensive courses to understand harassing behaviors, and how they can be stopped. Proactive organizations recognize the importance of stopping harassment in the workplace, and our online video library has all the tools they need to help that happen!

Modern Safety Training

With courses that range from ladder and forklift safety, to near-miss reporting, you can keep your employees engaged and satisfied with up-to-date safety training that teaches the safest ways to do difficult and dangerous work.

Industry-Specific Compliance

If your industry has its own special regulations, like in healthcare or banking, The BizLibrary Collection contains all the safety and compliance training you need! With videos covering HIPAA, anti-money laundering, risk management, and much more, you can satisfy regulatory compliance requirements and focus on delivering results for your customers!

Do you have a unique compliance challenge? The BizLibrary Collection can and will help you address those challenges so you can avoid hefty fines, lawsuits, and keep your workforce safe!

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