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Account Management: Providing a Total Account Solution
Welcome to the "Providing a Total Account Solution" video lesson meant to provide high-level tips for achieving success with accounts. This video lesson is the last of six in the "Account Management: Establishing Lasting Partnerships" video course, which teaches learners how to cultivate loyal relationships with accounts. In this lesson, learners will gain insight from three lessons that must be heeded for an organization to build and sustain partnerships with major accounts.
Customer Service Conversations: Five Steps to Better Service Conversations
Welcome to the "Customer Service Conversations" video lesson. This video lesson helps us understand how to provide better, more satisfying experiences to our customers by breaking down a typical interaction into key phases. It also offers guidance through each of these phases and is valuable for anyone who interacts with customers. From before the customer enters your life until they walk away satisfied, you need to be in control and prepared to deliver. This series is designed for the service representatives in a face to face and/or retail environment.
Delivering Stellar Customer Service
Welcome to "Delivering Stellar Customer Service," a video lesson meant to help you have effective customer service! By remembering the acronym STAR, you will help your organization be seamless, trustworthy, attentive, and resourceful when dealing with customers. This philosophy of service applies to the human, business, and hidden dimensions in the workplace. The viewer will learn how to care for customers in a way that helps the organization succeed as a whole.
Negotiating Sales
Welcome to the “Negotiating Sales” video lesson meant to guide learners through the process of negotiating aspects of a sale. This video lesson is the last of six in the “Closing Sales with Confidence” course, which instructs learners on how to effectively close sales. Throughout this lesson, viewers will learn the three elements that make for successful sales negotiating and discover options for negotiating on value as opposed to just price. Learners will also become familiar with helpful tips for becoming an effective sales negotiator.
Five Sources of Customer Insight
Welcome to ‘Five Sources of Customer Insight,’ a video lesson meant to cover several sources of insight applicable to your selling strategy. This lesson is the last of five in the ‘Getting the Most from Insight-Based Selling’ video course, which is meant to help you understand and leverage insight-based selling to increase your competitiveness in sales conversations. By describing methods for obtaining insight and places to mine for information, viewers will be better equipped to find insight relevant to making sales.
Identifying Customer Types: Hands-Off Shoppers
This video will help you prepare for customers who expect you to do everything for them, which is sometimes a really good thing. You’ll also see a customer service representative get into an argument with someone who isn’t actually there. So much joy in such a short video!

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