BizLibrary for Closing Skill Gaps

Modern Microlearning Library with Training Topics from Software to Soft Skills

Every employee will at some point in their career lack the skills necessary to effectively fulfill their job duties. If these skill gaps are left unaddressed, your organization may have to hire more expensive, experienced employees, or even hire consultants.

However, when your organization can upskill employees, you’ll increase productivity and profitability, and build a more prepared workforce.

Whether it’s learning the ins and outs of Excel spreadsheets, or helping managers learn to have difficult conversations and give constructive feedback, every organization has skill gaps to address. Learn how organizations like Garney Construction and Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma use online training from BizLibrary to solve their skill gaps:

According to BizLibrary’s own research, communication remains the top skill gap in organizations. Luckily, BizLibrary’s online content collection is full of videos that teach the important fundamentals and complex nuances surrounding good communication!

Many other skills, like business writing, software training, soft skills, IT, and leadership basics (to name a few) are also covered by The BizLibrary Collection – any skill gaps you identify in your organization can be bridged with our engaging and effective microlearning content.

Build Your Employer Brand with Continuous Development

A Randstad Workmonitor survey showed that 82% of employees say lifelong learning is important, but nearly 40% report that their employers don’t provide enough upskilling opportunities. BizLibrary’s on-demand training solutions can help your organization prove its dedication to learning and stand out among competitors in the talent marketplace.

Transform Your Culture and Supercharge Performance

According to Bersin by Deloitte, organizations that focus on learning are 37% more productive, 46% more likely to be first to market with new products, and 58% more prepared for the demands of the future. Providing your employees with modern online learning opportunities helps them to close the skill gaps hampering their performance, and your organization will reap the benefits!

Increase Employee Satisfaction

When employees feel their training needs are being met, they’re more likely to stay with your organization and be engaged in their role. BizLibrary’s microlearning library will help you fulfill your employees’ need to improve their skills and your company’s need to improve results.

With BizLibrary as a strategic partner, you can identify and close the skill gaps that are holding your employees back from doing their best work for your organization.

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