Client Success

At BizLibrary, client success is the business of helping people and organizations reach their full potential.

“Our Clients are at the core of what we do. BizLibrary may be a training company, have the best collection of training resources, have an award winning platform, but we are in the business of helping people and organizations reach their full potential.”

Shannon Kluczny, Chief Customer Officer at BizLibrary

Your Expert Advisors

BizLibrary Client Success and Client Support Teams provide the tools and resources needed for a successful learning program.  Client Success Managers are your expert advisors and provide the best practices and guidance on gaining leadership buy-in, developing marketing and communication plans, and executing flawless program management.

The BizLibrary relationship begins by asking important questions, to make sure there is a clear understanding of what the client needs from a business objective standpoint.

  • What are your business challenges and goals for growth?
  • How does the BizLibrary solution fit into your overall development strategy?
  • Do we have a clear definition of success?

Using Data to Drive Success

Every BizLibrary client develops a client score throughout their partnership with BizLibrary.  The client score is a validated collection of points focused on areas of value, utilization and engagement.

Client Success Resources

BizLibrary provides every client step-by-step guidance and assistance through the implementation process. Learn more about implementation.

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