Client success begins with an effective implementation of each and every solution.

One of the benchmarks that separate effective online employee training programs from others is almost always an effective and efficient implementation. Existing BizLibrary clients give us an excellent perspective on what goes into great online training implementations. All of our new clients benefit from this knowledge and history as we work to continuously improve the process.

Launching an online employee training program can be a challenge for any organization, and this is particularly true for organizations new to online training. BizLibrary’s implementation and client success teams are experienced in implementations of all types, and after successfully implementing programs for thousands of clients, we offer a process that’s streamlined and simple. A typical client joining BizLibrary can have their program fully implemented in less than 30 days.

While every client has unique challenges, here are the common areas our implementation process covers.

Goals and Success Criteria

It’s virtually impossible to have a successful online training program unless the stakeholders define success before the program starts. BizLibrary works with organizations of every size in just about every industry vertical to help clients set effective and benchmarks and goals for every phase of their program beginning with implementation.

Communications and Marketing

Implementing a program involves some degree of change, and like any other change leadership and management challenge, communication to the stakeholder frequently holds the key to success.  BizLibrary provides communications ideas, samples and language to our client that help set the stage for the launch of online training programs and explains the “why” for targeted users every other potential stakeholder in the program.

Administrative Training

Learning a new technology doesn’t have to be difficult!  BizLibrary offers a variety of training resources and materials to allow for self-instruction, practice and refreshers.  You’ll have access to a live instruction during implementation and you’ll have continued access to online materials, documents and administrative support.

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