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Improving Your Workplace Communication
Welcome to the “Improving Your Workplace Communication” video lesson intended to teach learners how to minimize miscommunications at work! In this lesson, viewers will learn the basic definition of communication and come to realize that communication attempts often go awry for various reasons. Learners will also discover solutions for common communication mistakes at work and become familiar with the 7 C’s of effective communication. Ultimately, learners should feel well-equipped to communicate more effectively with their coworkers, clients, customers, and managers.
Developing Empathy
Welcome to the “Developing Empathy” video lesson meant to show learners how to become more empathetic at work and in life. This video lesson is the first of two in the two-part “Empathy as a Soft Skill” series. In this lesson, viewers will learn what empathy is and differentiate it from sympathy. In addition, learners will become familiar with a specific process for treating others with empathy at work.
Optimizing Time Spent on Email
Welcome to the “Optimizing Time Spent on Email” video lesson meant to provide useful email time management strategies. In this lesson, learners will become familiar with statistics pointing out the massive amount of time people spend on email. In addition, viewers will learn 12 critical tips for spending less time on email and more time on the tasks that truly matter.
Driving Agility: The Moment
Are you looking for an opportunity to create? We believe that every great idea begins in the moment. Learn how you can be creative by overriding knee jerk reactions to everyday challenges and bring great opportunities.
Time Management Essentials: Prioritizing To-Do's
Welcome to the “Prioritizing To-Do’s” video lesson intended to help learners organize their required tasks based on priority. This video lesson is the fourth of five in the “Time Management Essentials” video course, which conveys the basics of effective time management. Throughout this lesson, viewers will learn the difference between “urgency” and “importance” and discover how to assign these designations to particular to-do’s.
Win-Win Conflict Resolutions
Welcome to the “Win-Win Conflict Resolutions” video lesson intended to help learners recognize how to use collaboration to achieve optimal conflict resolutions. This video lesson is the sixth of seven in the “Conflict Resolution” video course, which helps learners productively navigate and resolve conflict situations. Throughout this lesson, viewers will learn the steps for reaching a conflict resolution that is satisfactory to both parties involved in the conflict.

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