With over 60 episodes published, The BizLibrary Podcast is a great place for human resource and training professionals to learn about trends in HR and L&D, listen to discussions about hot topics in HR, and hear experts weigh in on leadership development. The BizLibrary Podcast – if we may be so bold – is one of the best HR podcasts available.

With guests who range from CEOs of strong start-ups to recognized leadership experts, each episode of The BizLibrary Podcast should help listeners become better HR and training professionals, and take new strategies into the workplace.

We’ve collected five of the best episodes of The BizLibrary Podcast to help motivate, inform, and develop professionals in HR and L&D!

Episode 15: Motivating Employees

Jeff Havens, a keynote speaker, training content creator, and all-around great guy, appeared on episode 15 and talked about how to successfully manage and motivate employees.

When we asked him what effective managers do to lead their teams, he told podcast listeners:

“Within the realm of effective managing, there are two equally important pieces that have to happen at the same time. There’s the human side of leadership, which is the part where you make people feel like you care about them – you show them they’re important, that you’d miss them when they’re gone. Then there’s the part that has to do with the mission and vision of your company.”

We spent a half hour talking with Jeff about how leaders and managers can motivate employees – listen in here:

Episode 43: Emotional Intelligence in the Modern Workplace

Emotional intelligence is one of the top predictors of success, so developing your employees’ EQ is a great way to improve your organization’s business results.

We invited Libby Mullen, EQ expert, to discuss the impact that emotional intelligence training can have on the coaching skills of your managers. Here’s what she had to say:

“Great coaching revolves around great questions. Rather than teaching or telling someone how to do something, you’re asking questions like “What do you dread about your job?” From those answers, you find other questions to pull out like “Why did you react that way? How can we channel that energy into driving the results you want?”

Listen to the rest of Libby’s podcast episode on EQ in the workplace here:

Episode 2: Understanding the Modern Learner

BizLibrary’s Founder and CEO, Dean Pichee, made an appearance on the podcast and discussed learning science that would help our audience better understand the modern learner. After decades in the training industry, Dean has a unique perspective on how to best deliver learning to today’s employees:

“The biggest challenge in workplace training today is providing enough content to move the needle – enough knowledge and skills so that people can be effective and improve their performance. At the same time, you have to recognize that we live in a world where all employees are distracted constantly.”

The challenge of providing enough content to make a difference, but not so much that you overwhelm or monopolize your employees’ time is significant, but Dean offers interesting strategies to overcome these challenges.

Want to hear Dean’s insights into the modern learner and training strategies that have proven effective today? You can find his episode here:

Episode 46: Understanding Learner Preferences

We recently welcomed Dr. Amy DuVernet from Training Industry to discuss brand new research she had just published. Dr. DuVernet talked about the importance of learner preferences in corporate training, and had a lot of insight to share:

“One of the key things that we found is the impact of using more than one modality as a part of training – this is kind of an obvious conclusion, but not one that we connect the dots automatically. When we provide more than one modality, we’re more likely to hit one of the learner’s preferences.”

Dr. DuVernet shares compelling research that demonstrates the importance of understanding learner preferences, and creating a training strategy accordingly. If you want to hear her episode for yourself, you can listen here:

Episode 47: Choosing an LMS

Shopping for the right training solution can be difficult, so we invited Tom Braning, an elearning industry insider and BizLibrary team member for over 14 years, to appear on the podcast to discuss how companies can go about evaluating, understanding, and selecting the right learning solution:

“If you have something that looks like a hammer, you try to use it to hit nails. A lot of times, people start to look right at the LMS when they want to find ways to deliver training. I think a lot of times, the right question to ask is, ‘Is this the right tool to use to meet my training needs?’ I think first you have to take a look at some of the goals, some of the business challenges, and some of the outcomes you want to create.”

Tom’s insight should give learning technology shoppers confidence that they’re making a good choice when it comes time to purchase an LMS for their workforce! Listen to his episode here:

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