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Content curation is an important part of any employee training strategy. Curated content – from video courses to supplemental resources – allows for a more focused library that adds value to learning.

Defining Content Curation

Content curation is sifting and filtering through available content and selecting the most relevant option for individuals or teams of learners.

Doing this is usually broken down into six steps:

  1. Identify: Begin by identifying the focus areas you want to curate content for and the sources that provide that content.
  2. Filter: With the help of a subject matter expert (SME), begin reviewing the content to filter out which resources are the most relevant to your learners that align to your focus areas.
  3. Contextualize: The SME needs to add context to your selections because their insights will help learners relate to the content and allow for the most impact.
  4. Share: Now you can share the content with learners as either part of a learning path within a learning portal or as a one-off solution.
  5. Store: You’ll need to have a place to store and archive your content for future reference and updates.
  6. Improve: Be sure to review all feedback, retire outdated material, and implement any applicable feedback to keep information relevant.

Now that you know the steps, it’s important to consider how to decide on your parameters.

Content Curation Strategies

There are strategies and best practices that can help make content curation successful and more impactful.


Speak with your employees and find out what they want to learn. Make sure there is open communication from the start, and then listen to their feedback, track their usage, and see what’s the most popular. These ideas will help keep content up-to-date and relevant to your users.


You’ll want your employees to be engaged with the content, so providing them online courses (with supplemental resources) is beneficial when trying to achieve high engagement. This integration also helps with the following strategy.


By establishing an online presence, you provide your employees the opportunity to learn on the go. Providing this type of flexibility allows people to chance to access content when and where it is convenient for them.


The process doesn’t stop after making a first round of selections. Curating your content is an ongoing process to keep everyone learning. You’ll need to consider employee feedback, changing regulations, industry trends, and more to make sure your content is relevant and current.

Let’s look at the benefits you’ll see by curating your content.

Benefits of Content Curation

Content curation can add value to your training strategy.

By doing so, you’re aggregating content that means something. You’re gathering, organizing, selecting, and filtering content and supplemental resources that are the most applicable to your employees and the training you want them to receive.

Providing access to this selective learning content in turn motivates and empowers your employees. By giving them access to content they want makes them feel heard and appreciated. On top of that, when delivered via learning platform, you can track usage and reward employees when they meet certain milestones.

This leads to developing a culture of learning. Curating content allows learners to locate the topics they care about and begin to share those insights with coworkers, thus boosting engagement.

This also helps promote the ideas of inclusive learning and continuous learning. Employees will be able to continuously learn through community pages, company intranet, discussions, and chats.

Benefits of a Content Partner

On top of the benefits to your organization, there are benefits to getting your content from a content provider, such as BizLibrary.

With a content partner, you can be assured that each video lesson is created by content experts in the topic fields. These videos are high-quality, modern, and engaging, so they fit into the learning preferences of any organization.

Our curation process involves monitoring and fine-tuning the collection to ensure we’re providing the best quality content. We add new lessons and courses monthly, and each quarter we retire content that no longer meets our criteria. This means that clients are always getting the newest content on popular topics.

Each video is also mapped to specific competencies, so if you want all your employees to work on conflict management, you can easily sift through your content collection and find and assign those videos to your learners. Our filtering system makes that simple, with the ability to search by specific term, and then further drill down those search results to find what you need.

Along with that we provide a Content Concierge service that works with clients to map content to fit their exact needs. Our in-house experts are able to suggest the perfect lessons that fit clients’ learning objectives, initiatives, and core values.

And lastly, a content partner is able provide content recommendations. They can steer you in the best direction for your organization and lead you to make sound training decisions. 

Our library, The BizLibrary Collection, includes thousands of lessons and is your one-stop-shop for curated content. We have 40 content partners that are subject matters experts, and we strive to deliver well-curated content for all your training needs.

To get a close up and personal look at how our content library can work for your organization, simply request a demo with one of our learning experts!

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