How to improve employee retention

Does your organization struggle with reducing the employee turnover rate and holding on to your top performers? Are you looking for ways to improve employee retention in your company? You are in the right place.

We’ve compiled 29 employee retention resources to help you reduce the number of employees walking out and drive better business performance – get started by checking out these helpful ebooks, guides, reports, articles, infographics, and webinars!

[ARTICLE] How to Reduce Employee Turnover and Retain Your Top Talent

A stable economy is giving people the confidence to look for new jobs, whether it’s for higher pay and better benefits, getting away from a toxic company culture, finding a role that better fits their skills and interests, or seeking an employer who will invest in their development.

[REPORT] Employee Retention Report: The Real Story Behind Your Employees Leaving for Good

Holding on to top talent in a good economy can be a mighty challenge. Learn how to increase employee engagement and retention with this in-depth report from TINYPulse.

[ARTICLE] Best Way to Save: Analyze Why Talent Is Going Out the Door

Don’t be the company that denies an exodus of talent is happening when turnover rates start climbing. Acknowledge the problem, assess why people are accepting offers where the grass is greener, and transform your company into the better pasture.

[WEBINAR] How to Gain and Retain Talent with Online Learning and Development

As the workforce continues to change and become more multigenerational, the demand for learning and development opportunities is increasing. To stay competitive in this ongoing talent war, it’s time to shift priorities to reskilling and upskilling your workforce.

[PODCAST] Retaining Hourly Employees

Atif Siddiqi says that apart from pay, retail and hourly employees need stability if you want them to stay. That means offering consistent scheduling and offering an easy way to gain or give up shifts. Listen in to learn more tips and strategies on retaining hourly employees.

Retaining Hourly Employees

[ARTICLE] Top 10 Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Jobs

Go through this checklist to assess how your organization is doing with employee satisfaction. Are you offering opportunities for development, giving recognition and presenting employees with challenging assignments?

[EBOOK] 11 Companies Give Their #1 Tip to Reduce Employee Turnover

Different strategies to improve employee retention work for different companies and their unique culture. Download this ebook to see what these 11 companies did and try your hand at a few of them to find a fit for your organization. May the best strategy win!

[TOOL] Training ROI Calculator for Employee Turnover

Use this ROI calculator to get an estimate on how much employee turnover is costing your organization, and see how much you could save by implementing modern and engaging online training.

[ARTICLE] 4 Focus Areas for Retaining Employees

Determine if employee trust, satisfaction, and engagement are being developed through these 4 focus areas by asking the right questions about both voluntary and involuntary turnover.

[ARTICLE] The Secret To Reduced Employee Turnover: How A Learning Management System Facilitates Employee Development

High-performing young managers are an asset your company cannot afford to lose once you’ve found them, but many are on a constant job hunt due to a lack of training, mentoring, and coaching opportunities. Implementing the right LMS can help keep them loyal to developing their career with your organization.

[INFOGRAPHIC] What Drives Employee Engagement

In this infographic, you’ll learn:

  • The practical ways that high employee engagement benefits organizations
  • Seven high level conditions that go into engaging employees
  • A breakdown of the building blocks for high performing people, cultures, and organizations
  • Additional resources to tackle your organization’s specific engagement challenges

[ARTICLE] 11 Reasons To Love Costco That Have Nothing To Do With Shopping

The retail industry has notoriously high rates for employee turnover, but Costco’s policies and benefits have proven that paying attention to employees’ needs and wants will create a huge return on investment through turnover cost savings.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

See all the major stats and research on why employee engagement matters for organizations today. This infographic shows how engagement correlates to challenges like employee retention and productivity.

[ARTICLE] How Regular Training Can Reduce Employee Turnover

Worried that training employees will only encourage them to take their new skills somewhere else? Think again! In reality, training and development improves employee satisfaction and loyalty!

[WEBINAR] How to Manage Employee Turnover

Register for BambooHR’s on-demand webinar to learn about the top reasons for employee turnover and how you can turn them around with techniques that engage talented employees in your culture and mission.

[ARTICLE] How Much Does Employee Turnover Really Cost?

Are you measuring how much turnover is costing your company? If not, you may be surprised at how much it hurts the bottom line in multiple ways. Learn how to measure it, and then how to reduce it.

[GUIDE] How to Keep Your Most Talented People

Compare the needs of your workforce with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Good pay may be enough to satisfy physical needs of food, clothing and shelter, but the top talent you need to keep is looking to the top of the pyramid – self-actualization.

[ARTICLE] Effective Employee Retention Strategies

Employee retention should be on every company’s radar because when one person leaves, everyone notices and wonders if they should do the same. You don’t want to find yourself constantly spending time finding new employees, or your business will go absolutely nowhere. Check out these resources for retention strategies.

[EBOOK] Real Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • The three levels of employee engagement
  • What employees are looking for in an organization
  • How to measure employee engagement
  • How managers and supervisors can improve engagement
  • Actionable tips your organization can begin using right away

Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement

[EBOOK] Turnover: The Reason. The Costs. The Solution!

For fans of Slideshare, flip through this ebook from ATHENA Consulting to get an in-depth look at the causes of turnover, costs, measurement methods, and most importantly, solutions to reduce it!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Taming Employee Turnover

View the stats on employee turnover in this infographic – the reasons behind it, numbers of active and passive job seekers, and what would’ve gotten those who left to stay.

[GUIDE] Emotional Intelligence Competency Guide

Emotional intelligence is the single biggest predictor of performance in the workplace and the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results.

[ARTICLE] Tips to Quickly Reduce Employee Turnover

Learn how to measure employee turnover and get familiar with some simple ways to improve your organization’s level of employee satisfaction.

[WEBINAR] Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create a Connection in the Age of Isolation

One of the pitfalls of relying on technology for most of our communication is the isolation it can create within teams. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to foster connection with your team members while still optimizing performance with all the benefits of technology.

Back to Human - How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation

[ARTICLE] Improve Talent Retention with This New Approach to Leadership Development

This SHRM article helps you understand how personalized learning helps leaders to grow their skills and leadership ability, which is a big factor in whether talented employees are willing to stick around.

[EBOOK] Where Do You Think You’re Going? A Guide to Employee Retention

See what several HR professionals and authors have to say on strategies for increasing employee retention in this free ebook download.

[ARTICLE] Stay Interviews: 5 Essential Skills

Stay interviews reinforce good relationships, forge new ones, and help repair those that are strained. Check out these 5 skills to conduct stay interviews that improve employee engagement and strengthen an organization’s retention rates.

[GUIDE] How to Reduce Employee Turnover

Step-by-step tips make this guide a quick resource for seeing paths toward better employee retention rates.

Many of these employee retention resources point to training as a top strategy for holding onto your talent. That’s because the majority of your workforce expects high-quality, ongoing opportunities to develop their skills and grow their career.

Are you ready to see how online employee training can help improve your employee retention and engagement? This ebook will provide guidance with finding a strong online learning solution that works for your organization’s needs: