Client Lifecycle

Every client’s success is the most important measure of our own success.

We take our partnerships with our clients to a level of commitment that truly goes beyond processes and delivery of technology and content solutions. We strive to be true partners with our clients as they change the way their employees learn, develop and improve performance.

Client Lifecycle Overview

We’ve developed an approach to our partnerships we refer to as a “Client Lifecycle.” This highly interactive approach to partnership places us right alongside you and your employees as we work together to craft effective, efficient and highly innovative online employee training and employee development solutions.

Leadership Buy-In

Best-in-class programs have strong involvement from senior leadership, and we’ve developed a Client Scoring Model that provides a data-driven perspective on a range of important elements of programs that allow us to make the constant adjustments necessary to help you achieve all of your employee development and employee training goals. Leadership Buy-In is a critical factor in our top performing clients’ programs, and we will work with you to provide the data, information and support needed to bring your leaders into your programs as fully engaged partners in the ongoing training and development of your employees.

Developing Goals and Metrics

Without goals and the means to measure success achieving those goals, programs inevitably fail to deliver meaningful business results. That’s why your dedicated Client Success Consultant Team works so hard with you to set goals and then measure progress towards those goals in regular program review meetings. With our top performing clients providing excellent benchmarking data, we can offer guidance for appropriate goals and milestones at every stage of your employee learning and development program.


No program works until employees understand the reasons for them to participate and engage in everyday learning. We’ve developed a comprehensive set of plans and materials to help any client effectively market the purpose and value of online employee training and employee learning and development. Our top performing clients, with our guidance, advice and consultative approach to marketing, see superb rates of employee participation (average client sees employees taking 4+ courses per month), and returns on investment for employee training.

Program Management

Employee learning does not happen in a vacuum. Every organization determined to foster an environment of continuous employee learning and ongoing employee training must manage their learning and development programs effectively. To make sure your Program Managers are prepared and ready, our Client Success Team works with your internal Program Managers to ensure a high level of technical proficiency with the system. Proficiency means your internal team truly understands the BizLibrary solution and services and how to apply the solution to deliver results, has an effective strategic learning plan and is engaged in frequent, regular and meaningful communications.

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