BizLibrary and Meridian Digital Marketing

St. Louis, Missouri – BizLibrary, a leading provider of online learning for growing organizations equipped with their award-winning microlearning video library, is delighted to announce its newest partnership with Meridian Digital Marketing.  

BizLibrary and Meridian both value the importance of continuous learning and development along with supporting the unique needs of organizations, which is why they came together to make content available to a new audience.  

Dean Pichee, CEO & Founder of BizLibrary says, “BizLibrary is excited to begin this partnership with Meridian Digital Marketing to bring access to on-demand content of core skills organizations need for ongoing success and development of their people.”  

Organizations now have access to more than 8,000 titles that meet both AICC and SCORM standards in the award-winning content library. The BizLibrary Collection includes thousands of high-quality, short, and engaging lessons, covering essential topics to today’s workforce. Core topic areas included are business skills, sales & service, leadership & management, software, information technology, HR compliance, and workplace safety.  

Meridian Digital Marketing shares, “We’re excited about our partnership with BizLibrary, with a common objective of making a mark in the Asian learning and development industry landscape. Combining  BizLibrary’s 25 years of experience in providing training solutions for growing organizations with Meridian Digital Marketing’s presence in Asian countries will help transform businesses across Asia. Embarking this journey with BizLibrary has so far been with the utmost level of trust, confidence, professionalism and synergy, which makes it a dream project for us.” 

BizLibrary produces and also aggregates content from more than 40 producer partners and subject matter experts to provide a variety of topics and styles that appeal to a modern workforce. Their distinguished curation process ensures new content is added weekly and past-its-prime content is retired regularly giving organizations a top-of-the-line solution that enhances organizational performance.  

Through the partnership of BizLibrary and Meridian Digital Marketing, companies are enabled to bring modern learning content to their employees and support their learning and development needs through a seamless integration with the Malaysian Government online learning portal.  

To learn more about the partnership between BizLibrary and Meridian Digital Marketing, or to learn more about The BizLibrary Collection, contact us. 

About BizLibrary 

BizLibrary is dedicated to HR and learning professionals focused on providing the best and most complete online training solutions. Our modern content engages employees of all levels, and our learning technology is a dependable and progressive catalyst for achievement. Armed with our expert Client Success and Technical Support teams, clients are empowered to solve business challenges and impact change within their organizations. We make working with us easy and aspire to be your online learning partner. 

About Meridian Digital Marketing  

Meridian Digital Marketing Holding Sdn .Bhd . 202001039655 (1395976-K) is known as pioneers in the field of digital marketing and works with companies to build brand awareness and generate leads and sales through proven digital marketing strategies. Meridian has experienced great success with over 12 years of experience digitizing companies in the corporate world. 

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Maritza Toro, Channel Partner Manager at BizLibrary 
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