St. Louis, Missouri BizLibrary, a leading provider of online learning, has launched a new content customization tool that combines the benefits of off-the-shelf and custom content by allowing administrators to easily adjust content to fit their needs. From the very beginning stages of developing an employee training video, to the completed product, creating a custom and unique content experience can take a lot of time and resources to finish. Content customization allows administrators to easily modify BizLibrary Productions videos with branding, company-specific information, interactions, quizzes, and features like tags and captions.

“We’ve figured out how to deliver truly customized learning content that’s high quality, easy to build, and within your training budget. Using BizLibrary’s content customization tool, administrators can modify content for specific job roles, organizations, and industries,” says Dean Pichee, CEO of BizLibrary.

The BizLibrary Productions content offering contains more than 1,500 customizable videos, covering business skills, HR compliance, leadership and management, and workplace safety topic areas. Administrators can change the description, course title, and even the flow of the video by adding interactions such as review questions, supplemental materials, and links to tailor the content with industry, or organization-specific resources.

The content customization tool can help organizations align their training programs to their specific goals. For example, an administrator can uncover gaps in training by adjusting quizzes and interactions based off performance and company standards.

“The content customization tool is unique to BizLibrary because administrators are starting with an expansive foundation of off-the-shelf content. High-quality, custom content can help engage users and further improve your training process,“ says Kristin Geen, Product Manager of BizLibrary’s Content Library. “Modifying content is a simple process for administrators and provides a great end-user experience.”

Staying ahead of the needs of the HR and training client-base drives BizLibrary to provide continuous improvements through its new products, features, and enhancements on a monthly basis.

To learn more about the new content customization tool and see it in action, request a demo of BizLibrary’s online learning solutions.

About BizLibrary:

BizLibrary is dedicated to HR and learning professionals, focused on providing the best and most complete online training solutions. Our content engages employees of all levels, and our learning technology is a dependable and progressive catalyst for achievement. Armed with our expert Client Success and Technical Support teams, clients are empowered to solve business challenges and impact change within their organizations. We make working with us easy and aspire to be your online learning partner.

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