BizSkills will help L&D professionals automate job-specific development

ST. LOUIS, Missouri, Oct. 18, 2021 – Eighty-two percent of organizations do not use any tools or resources to formally map skills development within their organization, according to a recent survey1 by BizLibrary. Closing skill gaps is a prominent nationwide challenge, and the current state of “The Great Resignation” shows that the struggle to retain top talent amidst the pandemic will only keep growing if left unresolved.

BizLibrary, a leader in online learning solutions, will showcase its new skills development platform, BizSkills, to the market on Tuesday, Nov. 2. The new product helps Learning & Development professionals deliver and support upskilling and reskilling efforts across the full talent development spectrum, from informal employee skills development to formal learning plans and career development programs.

“CEOs have identified skill gaps within their organizations, and the pandemic has only accelerated the need to address skills development across all industries,” says BizLibrary’s Founder and CEO Dean Pichee. “BizSkills equips organizations with the tools they need to fill skill gaps, attract and retain top talent, and achieve business success.” 

BizSkills not only automates the process of mapping skills to job roles but recommends supported content from its award-winning library of more than 9,000 video courses and lessons. BizLibrary partnered with the industry-leading labor market data experts at Emsi to map its content and job roles to Emsi’s database of skills. BizSkills offers libraries of over 1500 skills and 500 job roles across several industries, further enabling:

  1. Organizations to reduce turnover, retain top talent, and increase productivity while creating succession plans for key roles in the organization
  2. Employees to feel more engaged, empowered and successful in the job they have today while seeing the career path for their job in the future
  3. Learning & Development professionals to save time and energy on building out job-specific skills development plans by speeding up and automating the process

“We know organizations are hurting right now, and we want to be a helpful resource in getting them back on their feet,” says Vice President of Product at BizLibrary Erin Pinkowski. “Employees need a sense of purpose to feel motivated and productive at work, and a skills development platform like BizSkills is what organizations need to further engage their workforce.”  

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1BizLibrary administered an online survey to over 200 HR and learning development professionals across the nation to learn how personalized skills development played a key role at their organizations. The survey was fielded mid-to-late 2021.

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