BizLibrary is excited to announce Enspark as our newest content producer partner. This collaboration will bring new microlearning video lessons on important topics, such as diversity and inclusion.

Enspark Interactive was founded in 2010 with the vision of creating engaging elearning solutions and interactive courseware. Their courses include workplace compliance, employee soft skills, management and leadership techniques, and sensitive diversity and inclusion issues pertinent to today’s workforce.

The course content comes from real-world corporate trainers, thought leaders, and industry experts who have seen first-hand the pain points growing organizations face. Enspark couples that expertise with solid instructional design, professional visuals, and engaging simulations and activities to create courses that stand out from the rest.

In 2018, The Inclusion Channel (formerly WIN Insights) selected Enspark as their exclusive partner to create a series of microlearning modules which target “hot button” diversity, inclusion, harassment, and discrimination issues in the workplace. The Inclusion Channel was formed in 2012 and has provided consulting, live training, and a series of tools and resources to worldwide organizations and government institutions. Because of the growing need to be more understanding and inclusive in today’s society, The Inclusion Channel decided to use microlearning as a way to make their training more widely available.

Kristin Geen, BizLibrary’s Product Manager says, “We’re very excited to have Enspark as our newest producer partner. Their expertise in soft skills content development, specifically on diversity and inclusivity, appeals to employees of all levels. Their production style also aligns well with our offering. This partnership will help us continue delivering a robust training content solution for the market.”

For more information on this new partnership, or to discover new diversity training for your business, contact us for a demo today!