Continuous Quality Improvement video course cover image

Continuous Quality Improvement video course cover image

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – August 8, 2017 

BizLibrary has developed a comprehensive curriculum covering the fundamental performance excellence initiatives. These video courses are designed to provide executives, steering teams, facilitators, process improvement teams, and all employees with critical performance improvement training on a just-in-time, just-as-needed basis. 

Every organization is striving for performance excellence. It’s a vital requirement for success in today’s competitive environment. The principles, tools and techniques work effectively across the entire organization, and in any industry. The challenge is to link the various concepts into an effective strategy. 

BizLibrary’s full suite of content ranges from high-level concepts and philosophies about performance excellence to tactical how-to methods. It starts with the various philosophies of high performance, which include: 

  • The Baldrige Critiera—a proven, world-class set of standards for competitive success and excellence 
  • Data-driven statistical analysis and decision-making tools 
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)—applying statistical theory to quality in order to provide customers with products and services that meet their needs 
  • Six Sigma—focusing on reducing defects, and minimizing the variability of processes 
  • Lean—maximizing customer value by eliminating waste in all processes 
  • Hybrid philosophies such as Lean Six Sigma 
  • Specialized approaches such as 6-S 
  • The application of reengineering principles when continuous improvement doesn’t generate a significant enough improvement 

BizLibrary’s VP of Content Development, Debbie Williams, said, “We’re living in a rapidly changing world with shifting marketplace demands. The organizations that succeed will be nimbler than their competitors, and will be constantly improving their performance. This series is an important resource in that effort.” 

View a 1-minute preview from the “CQI: Overview – Why CQI Initiatives Fail” video lesson here:

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