Modern and Effective Compliance Training for Today's Employees

What is Compliance Training?

Compliance training delivers information that protects organizations and individual employees by ensuring laws, regulations, and company policies are communicated. Training on compliance topics is meant to keep employees safe, allow operations to run smoothly, and create a culture of respect.

Why Use Online Compliance Training Courses?

Saves time & money: Compared to instructor-led training or developing your own content, the time and cost savings are tremendous when you use an online, off-the-shelf library of compliance courses.

Stay up to date: Compliance regulations for the workplace are constantly changing – let your content provider handle adjustments to training material so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Simple tracking & reporting: Take the pain out of audits! Employees’ course completions are automatically tracked with easy-to-read reports available, so you’ll always know that your organization is keeping up with required training.

Easy accessibility: Mobile-friendly compliance courses mean your employees can take required training from any device, whether they’re at a desk, on the floor, or out in the field.

Microlearning on-demand: Rather than taking employees off the job for an hour of compliance training, have them fit microlearning courses in when it works best for their schedule. Concise training content makes it easier to remember, and to recall it when it counts!

Built-in reinforcement: With quizzes and reinforcement boosters built into the delivery of your compliance courses, you can greatly improve the amount of information that employees retain and transfer to real-life situations.

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9 Questions You Should Ask When Selecting An Online Employee Training Content Provider

When you’re looking for compliance training, you need solutions that are going to engage your employees and help them remember training on the job, while also making tracking and reporting simple for administrators. To make sure you’re getting what you need, this infographic breaks down nine important questions you should ask any training content provider you’re evaluating.

Compliance Training Topics

Online compliance courses cover a wide variety of topics, which can include:

Ensuring your HR department is meeting all legal obligations required for your organization.
Keeping all personnel and processes in line with the policies necessary for a safe workplace.
Creating an environment that values differences in personal characteristics and promotes respectful and inclusive behavior.
Training employees at all levels to understand what harassment is, and the appropriate actions for handling and preventing it.
Training HR and managers on compliance requirements within processes for recruiting and hiring employees.
Working to prevent incidents by assessing all areas of operations and creating strategies to manage potential risks.
Protecting patient data through security measures standardized by The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
Training employees on all workplace safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
Protecting employees through training on how to prevent and handle verbal abuse, threatening behavior, physical assault, and active shooters.

What Modern Compliance Training Says About Your Company

Compliance training is often seen as simply a necessary box to check off, with little engagement during training and no reinforcement of the information provided. Without engagement and reinforcement, compliance training does little to prevent problems in the workplace, safety issues, and expensive lawsuits. This can seriously impact your company culture and ability to retain talented employees.

Want to Improve Your Organization’s Compliance? Look at Your Culture

Companies who have a dedication to safety and respect in the workplace are usually safe from hefty fines and lawsuits – and that’s because acting inappropriately in the workplace is culturally uncomfortable in these companies. Check out this article about the correlation between culture and compliance!

By investing in modern solutions for compliance training, your employees see that:

1. You care about the culture and keeping everyone safe

A respectful culture and safe environment are foundational for a workplace where employees can do great work. High quality compliance training shows your dedication to providing a workplace where people can bring their best.

2. You care about providing engaging and helpful training employees will remember

Compliance training often carries the stigma of boring people to death and being a waste of time – that view perpetuates through time-consuming, un-engaging training. Providing high quality microlearning content creates an all-around better experience, which helps employees to care as much about staying compliant as you do.

3. You care about your company’s positive impact

A breach of protected data, a safety incident, or a culture where discrimination is overlooked will seriously hurt your reputation and prove costly in settlements. Easily accessible compliance training that engages employees is crucial to your organization maintaining a positive impact on employees, customers, society, and the environment.

Why Stop with Compliance Training?

Shifting your compliance training to modern, online solutions is just the first step toward developing a training program that makes a difference for your employees and your organization as a whole.

On-demand microlearning on compliance topics works great for keeping your workplace safe and respectful, but a robust content library also makes it easy to implement training that will help your employees improve their skills and performance.

How QS/1 Delivers Affordable Compliance Training to Their Dispersed Workforce

Tight deadlines on HIPAA training meant QS/1 needed to find a new solution for their 150 remote employees. Learn how they streamlined compliance training to ensure consistency and accurate reporting, while also improving onboarding for all employees, and increasing engagement with training overall through BizLibrary’s online solutions.

Compliance and Beyond with BizLibrary

Our online training library, The BizLibrary Collection, provides comprehensive compliance content for your organization’s needs, but our variety of topic areas also allows you to easily scale your training program so your employees can learn and develop their skills.

Learn more about using The BizLibrary Collection for development of leadership, communication, customer service, desktop computing, soft skills, and more!

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