Benefits of Creativity and Innovation at Work

Many workplaces tout being creative and innovative, and they are in one way, shape, or form. But if these companies truly were embracing these ideas, they would be reaping the benefits.

Attracting and Retaining Employees
Developing a culture and atmosphere where employees are allowed the freedom to be creative can attract more talent. Not only that – current employees are also more likely to stay because of the freedom to share ideas.

Problem Solving
The ability to think creatively and innovatively allows for outside the box solutions to workplace problems. Employees can think more quickly and provide better solutions when given the change to share ideas that otherwise might be suppressed.

Teamwork and Bonding
Creativity can inspire employees to work together and collaborate since the creative process naturally inspires collaboration. With employees working together more closely, they are likely to form tighter bonds and relationships. An increased level of comfort could help generate more creative ideas and can be positive in the long term.

Encouraging Creativity and Innovation

Innovation is often thought of as a think tank or group of people inventing new products and services, thus becoming rich and famous. Having an innovative team can lead to that, but on a more immediate level, it drives success by enabling everyone to adapt quickly to new challenges and changes. Employees that have the opportunity to innovate are often more engaged workers and are more committed to their work.

There are things that can be done to boost creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Build Trust
Having a creative and innovative culture isn’t possible without the employees sharing ideas. Employees won’t share ideas unless they trust that their input is heard, recognized, and acted upon. It’s important to train the leaders at your organization to do the following:

  • Ask for and act on feedback
  • Listed more than talk
  • Show appreciation for employees
  • Be consistent across the team
  • Establish inclusivity early on
  • Be honest and transparent
By listening, treating people fairly, and acknowledging employees, leaders can establish a working environment that feels supportive, thus allowing employees to feel safe sharing ideas.

Collaborate Together
Generating ideas is often not a solo activity. What sparks a great idea is the conversation and brainstorming of a group of people. Bringing together people with different skills and knowledge allow for better collaboration, more contributions, and creative solutions to problems.

Some people are better at identifying problems, while others may know of useful solutions and tools, and a third person could be an excellent communicator. One person can’t do everything well, so bringing together a team is the best way to share information and create value.

Ensure Psychological Safety
Psychological safety for employees means that they know they can be their authentic selves without facing negative reactions. It’s about employees feeling comfortable in collaborative discussions, so that they can do their best work.

Being able to think freely, express ideas, and make mistakes helps employees feel safe sharing ideas, no matter how out of the box they are. Making mistakes is how we as a species learn, so it’s important to embrace mistakes and learning opportunities.

Recognize Employees
Employee recognition is a great way to boost innovative thinking. By recognizing the work employees do, leaders can foster a sense of respect and trust. It’s important to note that not all employees enjoy recognition in the same way, so be sure to check in and see how each member of the team like to be recognized. Giving employees the right feedback helps everyone understand the impact of their work.

Have Fun
Fun can be a scary word at work, but a relaxed atmosphere goes a long way in defining culture and promoting creativity. Many jobs require some level of creativity, but when under a lot of stress, creative thinking and innovation tank. Fostering a fun work environment can help with employee mental health and aid in productivity and engagement.

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