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Is Your Customer Lifetime Value Suffering from Poor Service?

When interacting with your customers, there’s more at stake than just the current transaction. There’s the loyalty that drives a continuing relationship, with a stream of future revenue hanging in the balance.

For most businesses, customer lifetime value (CLV) plays a critical role in continual revenue growth. Losing a customer because of a bad experience doesn’t just equate to losing that person’s purchases – most people talk about bad customer service with their friends and family, and often share it with their entire social network online. Losing CLV for one person often turns into losing that revenue from many others.

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills

If you want to improve customer satisfaction and grow that lifetime value, you’ll need people on the front lines who are well-versed in providing a great experience, and motivated to help and delight customers.

There are a lot of skills that go into delivering great customer service, and it’s rare to find someone born with them all, so you’ll need training on customer service skills to fill in those gaps.

When you’re building a customer support team, focus on a helpful attitude first – don’t write off candidates who don’t possess all the skills they’ll need to be successful. You can train for that!

Customer Focus

Having a strong customer focus in your organization relies on a combination of attitude and skills. Customers can tell when they’re not a priority for your business, so it’s important for leadership to foster a genuine customer-focused attitude that employees will model. Building your reps’ soft skills will allow them to deliver better service, which makes interactions more pleasant for customers, and for reps, too!

Check out the Customer Focus guide to learn how you can promote this mindset within your organization.

Why Your Business Needs High-Quality Customer Service Training

High-quality training brings about higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, but it also brings a higher sense of loyalty from your employees.

When you provide a training program for employees, they see the investment you’re making in their development, and your dedication to customer care and support. That can play a huge role in employee retention, especially for those of younger generations.

And don’t forget the impact of your managers! Having a strong customer service management training program is a key aspect of ensuring your support teams are performing at the top of their game and satisfied with their jobs.

Another element to think about is your internal customer service training – helping your employees to work well cross-departmentally in supporting different teams and customers within your organization. That kind of training can drastically improve your company’s agility and competitive advantage in the industry.


What Makes Good Customer Service?

When you’re looking to improve customer service and support, you should focus training and coaching on these elements:

Simply having scripts and robotic responses at the ready for solving problems is not enough to keep customers engaged and satisfied in today’s competitive climate. Your representatives need to understand how to empathize with whatever the customer is experiencing, and they need support from management to ensure they can create true customer delight.

What Skills Are Needed for Strong Customer Support?

Beyond hiring for attitude and leveraging managers’ coaching skills to motivate customer service teams, look for training content that covers these critical skills for strong customer support:

  • Communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Telephone skills
  • Business etiquette
  • Conflict resolution
  • Sales and marketing
  • Professionalism
  • Anticipating customer needs

Providing training courses on these topics will take your customer service teams from under-performing or mediocre to high-performing and ready for action!

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The Benefits of Online Customer Service Training

Finding an online provider for modern customer support training carries tons of benefits compared to traditional, in-person training or long, click-through, elearning courses.

Beyond the time and money savings, online learning that comes in a variety of formats, including microlearning, interactive video, and ebooks, benefits your business through:

Engaging Microlearning
To effectively train employees on complex skills, you need to deliver small segments in an engaging way, so learners don’t get overloaded or tune out. Video-based microlearning takes this into account and has proven to be a powerful way to train employees today.
On-Demand and Mobile Access
Rather than taking employees off the job for an hour of training, you can easily have them fit microlearning courses in between working with customers. Access from any device at any time means incredible flexibility with your training program.
Built-in Reinforcement
With quizzes and reinforcement boosters built into the delivery of your training courses, you can considerably improve the amount of information that employees retain and transfer to real-life scenarios.

Delivering Training to a Dispersed and Virtual Workforce

One of the challenges with managing a decentralized workforce is delivering consistent, engaging, cost-effective training. Beyond delivering the training, how can you ensure that it’s actually creating changes in behavior and improvements in performance?

Whether you have multiple locations, your work-from-home options are expanding, or your workforce is entirely virtual, there are some key components to learning technology and content that you’ll need for training to be effective.

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