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to Safeguard Your Organization’s Success

According to an Alinean Inc. study, companies with less than $50 million in annual revenue spend about 6.9% of revenue on information technology. For a company earning a revenue of $30 million a year, this represents over two million dollars!

This obviously affects profits, but consider the profit loss potential that may come from poor IT management.

A study by IBM Security reported that the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, and a study by the U.S. Government reported that poor cybersecurity cost the economy between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016.

In other words, IT training programs that help employees stay safe on the internet could save quite a bit of money!

An IT department can help promote safe practices to employees working online and with software, but often these departments are understaffed, and with constant updates to various applications and the legislation regulating them, staying on top of things becomes incredibly difficult.

Using IT training to keep your staff updated on software and web development standards, as well as cybersecurity and strong digital practices, helps your company deliver the best versions of your products and services.

IT Training Topics for Your Team

Despite the common knowledge that poor cybersecurity can lead to expensive data breaches, the most common passwords are “123456” and “password” – clearly, there’s still a need to train employees on how to safely use the internet and manage passwords!
Data Storage and Management
Keeping your data safe from breaches is important – but even top brands are falling victim to data leaks! Teaching employees how to safely manage and store data will free up time for your IT department and make your organization safer!
Microsoft Certifications
Information technology professionals who are Microsoft Certified have taken rigorous training that prepares them for advanced Microsoft operations. Offering this training to your IT department is a great way to show individuals you’re invested in their careers!
The networking knowledge gained from Cisco certifications is important for entry level IT employees, and a great way to get new hires up to speed.
CompTIA is a non-profit trade association that offers professional certifications for information technology professionals. Offering CompTIA training is a great way to attract and retain IT professionals looking for personal development.
Cloud Computing
Once touted as “the next big thing,” cloud computing now offers thousands of companies on-demand data storage and computing power – your IT department should understand how to best manage this capability to keep your employees connected.
IT Essentials 
If the employees in your IT department wear a lot of hats or are fairly inexperienced, courses on IT essentials can help them to quickly gain an introductory understanding of the information technology they’re working with.
Java is a general-purpose programming language that is used in the development of most software. While it shares syntax with other popular programming languages, it does have some unique qualities – offering online courses gives IT professionals and developers the foundation they need to work with this language.
Amazon Web Hosting
Amazon Web Hosting is a subsidiary of Amazon, and is used by individuals, companies and governments who are seeking on-demand cloud computing platforms. Understanding the tools offered by this comprehensive service through training will help your company provide better web services, and save on hosting costs!

Web Development Training for Modern Companies


JavaScript is a coding language used in web development that allows a static website to become interactive! It makes pages like this Training ROI Calculator possible, and creates a more engaging experience for people exploring your company’s website.


Ajax is a technique used in web development for accessing web servers. Put simply, it reduces load times by updating pages using JavaScript, rather than reloading pages. This benefits the people looking at your website, making it more user-friendly and easier for your website visitors to become customers!


HTML5 is the fifth edition of Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML. It’s used in front-end development for almost every software and website you can think of! With its constant updates, staying in front of HTML changes with online training is a great benefit to your organization.


WordPress is a totally customizable web design platform that scales to all levels of programming abilities. It has become the top content management system available, with around 75 million websites using it, and it’s still the fastest-growing publication software today.


CSS is another markup language which is used in front-end development to make text spring to life with design! This markup language is a staple in web and software development.


Mobile web traffic is continually growing! Responsive design, or web and software design that scales to fit multiple screen sizes, is no longer a nice-to-have – consumers expect it!

Why Go with Off-The-Shelf Training Content?

IT and web development standards change constantly. Using custom-made content or hosting internal training every time a change to WordPress or JavaScript is made would be a poor use of your valuable time.

Off-the-shelf videos and courses work perfectly for developing skills in IT and web applications, and a robust content library makes it easy to implement that training.

If your company is new to online training, using on-demand IT and web development courses is a great springboard for employees to push their development beyond hard skills.

We all know your employees need more than technical skills to move their careers forward and help your company grow. Offering online learning in topics like leadership and soft skills will allow your IT and development teams to become more agile and ready for the tough problems they face day-to-day.

With BizLibrary’s solutions, you can have it all – IT, web development, business skills, leadership, and those all-important soft skills.

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