Modern Workplace Safety Training
that Engages Employees and Reduces Incidents

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety is often a point of emphasis for training programs – after all, most industries have some sort of legal requirement, and safety in the workplace should be a top priority for every organization.

Unfortunately, traditional approaches to safety training leave employees underwhelmed. Typical safety training videos are outdated, entirely too long, and out of touch with the needs of the modern learner.

As a result, safety regulations are often ignored or forgotten entirely, failing to keep your organization and your employees protected from dangerous situations and the legal expenses that follow.

Ultimately, traditional safety training fails to change the attitudes and behaviors that make your employees buy into the importance of following regulations.

This may cause employees to cut corners, and even encourage others to ignore safe practices that they dismiss as inconvenient or in the way of achieving productivity.

To engage employees and overcome any negative attitudes toward safety training, you’ll need modern video courses and interactive content that communicate the importance of safety training in the workplace. Concise microlearning videos keep learners’ attention long enough to impart the crucial points surrounding health and safety at work.

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Using Compliance to Build a Positive Company Culture

If many employees in your organization have a negative or apathetic attitude toward compliance and safety, then your culture needs a mindset shift. Staying compliant with safety standards shouldn’t be seen as a nuisance – that mindset increases risk for your employees and your organization.

In this webinar, we’ll look at why compliance is often looked at with a negative attitude, and how you can make adjustments in your culture that shift it to positive.

Create a Safer Workplace with Training Courses on These Topics

First Aid
Workplace incidents can happen whether you’re on a construction site or in an office, but when your employees know proper first aid, they can keep small matters from becoming much more significant.
Bloodborne Pathogens
From food-service to healthcare, all employees need to understand safe practices for dealing with bloodborne pathogens.
Emergency Preparedness
When you face an emergency in your workplace, employees should be able to recall their training so they can handle dangerous situations calmly and confidently, which can save lives.
Fire Safety
Many people’s understanding of fire safety stops at “stop, drop, and roll.” This lack of understanding can be disastrous if employees aren’t trained on comprehensive fire safety.
Workplace Violence
It’s an unfortunate reality in the modern world that workplace violence is something that’s on your employees’ minds. Training gives employees the peace of mind to know what to do if danger ever presents itself.
Construction still consistently ranks as one of the most dangerous jobs; it’s crucial to teach employees in this field how to handle extreme heights, dangerous machinery, and near-misses, so they can stay safe on the job.
Personal Protective Equipment
Unfortunately, many people view personal protective equipment as an “extra step” that gets in the way of completing a task. Your training should show them why that’s a dangerous attitude, and how critical this equipment is to them.
Hazardous Materials and Tools
Whether it’s cleaning supplies and boxcutters, or biohazardous waste and power tools, your workforce needs to understand how to handle these hazardous materials and tools safely.
OSHA Regulations
Don’t get caught out of compliance! Get engaging training courses that inform employees how to safely perform tasks the OSHA-approved way, and teach all the steps and documentation necessary to remain OSHA compliant.

Why Use Online Health and Safety Training Content?

Save Time & Money
Compared to instructor-led safety training or developing your own courses, the time and cost savings are tremendous when you use an online, off-the-shelf  library for workplace health and safety training videos and interactive content.

Stay Up to Date
Safety regulations for the workplace are constantly changing – let your content provider handle adjustments to training material so you don’t have to put the time and money into doing it yourself.

Simple Tracking & Reporting
With an LMS, employees’ course completions are automatically tracked with easy-to-read reports available, so you’ll always know if employees are behind with taking required training courses and videos.

Easy Accessibility
Mobile-friendly workplace safety courses mean your employees can take training from any device, whether they’re at a desk, on the floor, or out in the field.

Microlearning On Demand
Rather than taking employees off the job for an hour of safety training, have them fit microlearning courses in when it works best for their schedule. Concise training content makes it easier to remember, and to recall it when it counts!

Built-in Reinforcement
With quizzes and reinforcement boosters built into the delivery of your health and safety courses, you can greatly improve the amount of information that employees retain and recall when they need it on the job.

Podcast Episode 36: From Classroom to Blended Learning

More and more studies are showing the most effective training programs are those that blend in-person and online learning. Getting the right mix can be tricky, but the impact to business results is certainly worth the work.

In this episode of The BizLibrary Podcast, you’ll hear how Employee Development Manager Jessica Kueffer blends the training methods used in her organization, and how you can develop a similar approach for improved training outcomes.

Unengaging Safety Training Leads to Bigger Issues

As we mentioned, there are some serious issues with conventional safety training failing to engage employees. Even some HR professionals see compliance and safety training as little more than a box to check off, as required by law.

Unfortunately, this attitude becomes pervasive throughout the organization, and that’s dangerous when it surrounds practices and procedures that are designed to keep employees safe.

Without a proper approach to workplace safety training that emphasizes increasing learning engagement and retention, you risk your workplace falling into this dangerous, blasé mindset.

This can seriously impact your company culture, and your top talent will notice.

Talented employees won’t work for a company that doesn’t prioritize their safety.

Investing in training that engages your employees tells them that workplace safety is a main priority in your organization. When your company culture has a genuinely high regard for safety training, you can expect to see incidents and near-misses decrease, while employee engagement increases.

What Makes Microlearning Effective in Employee Training Programs?

Learn the research behind the move toward microlearning in modern training programs, and why it can boost engagement and effectiveness with your workplace safety training.

Safety First, and Employee Development Always

When it comes time to hire or promote a new manager or crew leader, do you want a leader who disregards safety measures, or one who understands how to keep your employees safe?

Safety training not only keeps your workforce safe and productive, it also helps develop future leaders and impacts your company’s culture.

Shifting your workplace safety training to modern, online solutions is just the first step toward developing a comprehensive training program that shows your employees their future is bright with your organization.

On-demand microlearning on health and safety topics works great for keeping your workplace incident-free, but a robust content library also makes it easy to implement training that will help your employees improve their business skills and job performance.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Online Learning Solutions

With so many different offerings out there for online safety training and employee development, it can be tough to evaluate your options and make the best decision. You need online content that’s easy to deliver anytime and anywhere, with technology that streamlines the entire training process. How can you determine which option will provide the best solution for your organization?

This guide outlines the most important elements for modern, online solutions that cover all your training needs. Let this be your guide to finding an online learning partner who helps you improve workplace safety and develop your talented employees.

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