Episode 14

Competency-Based Training

Katie Dendinger

Brought to you by your hosts:

Hannah Brenner
L&D Specialist
Derek Smith
L&D Specialist
With special guest:
Katie Dendinger | Human Resources Director at CAP Logistics
Katie Dendinger is an experienced Human Resources Director and a member of senior management with the CAP Family of Companies.  Her areas of focus include: recruiting and hiring top talent; training and development; wellness program coordination; performance management; and strategic planning. She graduated from CSU Global with a degree in business management, and with minors in both accounting and human resources.


In this episode, we speak with Katie Dedinger about Competency-Based Training. We learned how she successfully identifies core competencies, and creates a training plan built around developing those skills in her workplace. Here are three takeaways from this week’s episode.

  • It’s important to secure management buy-in for your training program
  • Define the minimum skills that employees need for their roles
  • Develop a blended approach to learning

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