How will your organization react when you lose a high-level leader or employee? Are you already seeing the effects of these people leaving and finding out that you were unprepared to lose all the valuable knowledge and expertise they held?

Too many companies are finding themselves reacting with panic instead of responding with preparedness when these situations arise. This happens because developing a succession plan seems like an easy task to put at the bottom of your priority list – until you need it.

To make sure your company doesn’t suffer when changes in leadership happen, you’ll need to prioritize succession planning, even if it doesn’t seem as important as other initiatives right now.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the high-potential employees who could make great leaders in your company
  • Why performance isn’t the only factor in determining who your future leaders could be
  • How to build a development plan for your high-potential employees
  • Why emotional intelligence is an important skill to start with for leadership development