Although many methods of training are used in organizations today, our recent research found that nearly three-quarters of employers have been relying primarily on in-person presentations to train their staff. While the rapid spread of COVID-19 has made that method much more difficult to rely on, it has also allowed many organizations to leverage digital learning in new and exciting ways.

However, large-scale change requires a lot of new learning for those who are facilitating employee training. You have to make sure you can match or improve on the quality of your in-person training. That means getting your digital training approach in sync with the needs of your organization and the abilities and attention span of your workers.

You’ll need to consider:

  • How many ways you want to provide training, be it through a webinar, videoconference call, digital classrooms, or some combination of these and other solutions
  • Making sure you are still reinforcing existing training while rolling out a training solution that has a high and lasting impact
  • Ensuring that your employees have the time to learn new methods of training as well as the technical ability to seamlessly experience training

While every organization is a little different, we can all benefit from the latest learning and development research. That is why we are pleased to share with you our latest report, “Trends in Training 2020: New Methods for a COVID-19 World.”