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Becoming a Coachable Employee
Being coachable is an important part of growing and developing. But what exactly does it mean to be coachable? In this lesson, employees will learn how they can seek out valuable feedback, put that feedback into practice, how to adopt the right attitude, and more!
Preventing Harassment in Industrial Settings
Harassment can happen any time, any place, and at company. In this lesson, viewers will learn different types of harassment, what to do if you witness harassment, and how to create a safe and respectful work environment for everyone.
Communication Toolkit: Becoming a Master Communicator
We can all think of a time when we've experienced a communication breakdown. It's frustrating, right? Effective communication is especially important in a manufacturing setting to ensure everyone's safety. Viewers will get an understanding of the fundamentals of effective communication.
Emotional Intelligence Crash Course: Personal and Professional Relationships
Relationships are an important part of both work and life. In this lesson, learners will get an understanding of of how to build and maintain relationships on and off the floor.
Anti-Harassment Crash Course: Reporting Sexual Harassment
Everyone has to do their part in creating a culture of respect. Some instances of sexual harassment are more obvious, but subtle comments can be just as damaging. This lesson details the types of sexual harassment, the responsibility of bystanders, how to report instances of harassment, and more.
A Guide for Healthy Communication: Games People Play at Work
Some games are meant for enjoyment, but other games can be subtle interactions that dance around the issue at hand. In this lesson, viewers will learn types of games people play at work, as well as how to have more direct and productive conversations.

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