Conquering Tomorrow: Change Management for People Who Occasionally Fear Change

Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 1:00 pm CT

If there’s one thing that’s true for everybody, it’s that things are constantly changing. And sometimes that’s great, like when we win the lottery or land an important account. These are the easy changes to deal with, and nobody really needs help figuring out what to do about them.

But sometimes change is not so great, like when we get divorced or our company goes through a restructuring or there’s a worldwide pandemic that comes out of nowhere and shuts the entire planet down – that happened once, remember? And when these changes hit us, we have a tendency to run and hide and kick and scream and basically deal very poorly with them. Unfortunately, deciding that we don’t like a particular change won’t make it go away. If only there were a way to see “negative” changes in a more positive light…

And that’s where Conquering Tomorrow comes in. This webinar is for anyone who has ever approached an upcoming change with hesitation or dread (which is everyone, by the way).

During this webinar, you’ll be taken on a journey through some of life’s most common “bad” changes – some personal, some professional – to reveal a profound and important truth: that while the process of going through difficult changes may not always be fun, the end result of those changes is usually far better than we’re afraid it will be.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognizing the four main reasons we most commonly fear or resist unplanned, unexpected, or unasked-for changes
  • Learning to distinguish between the process of change (which is sometimes frustrating) to the result of change (which is usually positive)
  • Developing a long-term attitude toward change management to help reduce short-term frustrations and put temporary setbacks into proper context
  • How to use current successes as a guide for how future changes are likely to resolve themselves

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Jeff Havens
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Jeff Havens is a speaker, author, and business growth expert who has spoken to over 1,000 companies and associations across the Americas and Asia. The mission of his training company, The Jeff Havens Company, is to provide serious solutions in a seriously funny way through their video-based courses that tackle everything from industrial safety to corporate ethics to customer service, and all of them are as entertaining as they are educational. Jeff is a contributing writer to Fast Company, Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal; and has been featured on CNBC and Fox Business. For more information, email, or visit

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