Convince Your Boss To Attend ALIGN 2017

ALIGN 2017 is the place to be this September! It’s a can’t miss event for HR and L&D professionals.

It’s the perfect opportunity to network with other training professionals, learn about training strategies that are trending in the L&D world, and carve out focused time to grow yourself, because not even the best trainer can pour from an empty cup.

You are set, psyched and super excited to go. However, the idea of approaching your boss to get approval to attend is a little intimidating.

We understand. We have bosses, too.

You’re probably imagining that your manager’s first thoughts when you ask them to attend ALIGN 2017 are: How much? Why you? And, how will our company benefit from you going?

Well, the short answers are: It’s affordable!, why not me? and, we’ll benefit from learning the most strategic, forward-thinking learning and development strategies.

But your boss may require a little more detailed information and persuading – which is just fine. We’re here to help!

So, take a deep breath and relax because we have three of the greatest Client Success Managers this side of the Mississippi to give you the best tips for convincing your boss to attend ALIGN 2017.

Alex Manolis

Industry leaders are always ahead of the curve and it’s in your best interest, and your bosses, to take advantage of what experts have to say.

This year at ALIGN, we kick things of with an entire day dedicated to BizLibrary solutions and opportunities to learn first-hand from the product experts themselves. The rest of the conference is jam packed with 20+ sessions and two keynote speakers that will discuss the science of memory and learning retention as well as positive change management.

Breakout session topics will include implementing a training program, calculating the ROI of your program, building custom content, marketing your program and so much more.

My advice to you is to share with your boss how those topics will help address your company’s business challenges – this will demonstrate that you have done your homework and are looking to take real action to address your organization’s pain points.

Hannah Brenner

Networking! When you walk through the doors of the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch, you will be just a few steps away from some of the brightest thought leaders in the learning development industry.

Year after year I hear clients raving about how they love having the opportunity to network with their peers and learn so much about what other organizations are doing and what processes they have in place. Take advantage of the time and proximity ALIGN 2017 is providing!

Melissa Hebert

Two things. Time and Enthusiasm.

First, timing is everything. Make sure to choose a time where you have your boss’ undivided attention. Try an hour when you both will have time to talk through conference details without disruption.

Second, be enthusiastic! Think about a time you spoke to someone passionate. Contagious isn’t it? Your boss will be more likely to buy-in and approve your trip if you demonstrate that you are excited and fully convinced that if you miss this conference, it’s a missed opportunity to grow as a company.

Also, here’s a little something to make it even easier for your boss to say yes…

If you need any more help convincing your boss to attend the conference, please feel like to reach out to your Client Success Rep for more information. See you at ALIGN 2017 this August!

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