convince your boss to let you attend align!!

convince your boss to let you attend align!!

ALIGN is the place to be this September! This is a can’t-miss event for L&D professionals as it’s the perfect opportunity to network with other training professionals, learn about training strategies that are trending in the L&D world, and carve out focused time to grow yourself.

You are already set and ready to go, understanding how valuable this experience can be. However, the idea of approaching your boss to get approval to attend can be a little intimidating.

We understand. We have bosses, too.

Chances are, when you ask for approval your manager is going to have some questions such as: How much? Why you? How will our company benefit from you going? Why this conference?

And he is most likely going to require some well-thought-out answers to these questions. And even then, it may take some convincing. The good news is, we’re here to help!

Here from our very own Client Success Consultants with their best tips of what to include when presenting to your boss.

Tammy Kirkiewicz

Be prepared! Have a plan when you walk into your boss’s office. Know what you expect to gain from the conference and how you plan to use it back on the job. Come prepared with an approval letter, sample budget, and agenda.

Make sure to mention that industry leaders are always ahead of the curve and it’s in your best interest, and your bosses, to take advantage of what experts have to say. This year’s conference is jam packed with over 30 breakout sessions to choose from and two keynote speakers that won’t just inform you but will also re-energize you to come back and implement new practices back at your job.

My advice is to read through the agenda, pick out specific sessions, and share with your boss how those specific breakouts will help address your company’s business challenges – this will demonstrate that you have done your homework and are looking to take real action to address your organization’s pain points.

 Daniel Binkholder

Timing is everything! Be aware of your boss’ workday and any pressing matters that they may be attending to. Make sure to choose a time where you have their undivided attention.

Registration is open now and September is approaching fast but choose a week that does not have any major company deadlines your boss is responsible for. There will never be a “prefect” time – but there is most likely a “wrong” time to ask.

I recommend scheduling a meeting on their calendar to sit and meet about the conference. Grab 30 minutes talk through the conference details without disruption and fully present your plan. Doing so will show your boss how seriously you are taking this opportunity and how important it is to you.

If you would like, practice your pitch with your Client Success Consultant. We would love to give feedback and best practices to you prior to the meeting.

Stacey Moore

Have some enthusiasm! Being prepared and excited is a winning combination that is hard to beat.

Excitement is contagious, and, in this case, you want your boss to catch it! They will be more likely to buy into and approve your trip if you demonstrate some enthusiasm. You want them to be fully convinced that if you miss this conference, it’s a missed opportunity for you, and your company. The ALIGN website has some great materials such as the Reasons to Attend, and various testimonials. Use these to show how engaged other participants are, as well.