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Best practices for delivering effective learning to employees are constantly changing, and getting your training program right is now more important than ever. Employees today expect training and development to happen beyond onboarding, and they expect it to be delivered through modern, practical methods and applications. 

That’s why your own knowledge needs to stay up-to-date, and resources like training and development articles, ebooks, webinars, and podcasts can help ensure you’re on top of today’s best strategies!

Whether your objectives are to get your training program off the ground, increase engagement with learning content, or create more alignment with training and business goals, we’re focused on helping you reach those goals with the knowledge, insights, and experience we’re continually acquiring. 

Out of the wide variety of articles we publish each month, some of them have become obvious favorites among L&D professionals like you.

In case you missed them, we’ve compiled our top 10 employee training articles in this post – take a look and see how you can apply these insights to training in your organization!

  1. The 9 Elements that Make Top Employee Training Programs So Successful
  2. Putting Blended Learning to Work: How to Optimize Your Approach to Training Employees
  3. Understanding Key Performance Indicators for Employee Training Programs
  4. A Complete Guide to the Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation
  5. How Learning Retention Rates Make or Break Employee Training
  6. Get Started with Emotional Intelligence Training in Your Organization
  7. Training Tactics for Developing Your Managers’ Leadership Skills
  8. Adult Learning Theory and Its Importance in Employee Training
  9. Training New Employees: A Complete Guide to See Long-Term Success
  10. Understanding Pricing for Online Employee Learning Solutions (Part One)

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